African Heritage and Global Peace Initiative (AHAGPI)

Cultural Heritage in Danger

Cultural Heritage is a wide concept that produces tangible representation of the value systems of beliefs, traditions and lifestyles of people from generation to generations. This concept includes; “our place in the world and the world in our place”. This further depicts our unique and undeniable identity through our ancient endowment that uniquely distinguishes us and our world from others with a deep sense of value to ourselves and to others in their own endowments.

However, whatever shape or form that Cultural Heritage occurs or exists around us, the truth is that, Heritage formed part of our existence as human, and in this regard, Heritage in whatever form requires active efforts on every human part in order to safeguard them. This is one of the ways to keep human pedigree and dignity.

Cultural Heritage has come under different threats all over the world in recent times. Our Cultural Heritage is perpetually threatened by various factors today and if this horrible threat persists, soonest we will lose the education value, economy value and dignity of our Cultural Heritage at long run.

What does it mean for a Cultural Heritage to be in danger? Cultural Heritage in whatever forms are said to be in danger, when Cultural Heritage is faced with major threats which could have deleterious on its inherent characteristics, damaged or vanished. Your Cultural Heritage is in danger if any of the following has happened or is happening to it:

• War
• Ethnic & Religious Conflict {Religious extremism}
• Looting, theft and disappearance
• Illicit trafficking
• Deterioration / Neglect and alteration
• Pollution
• Natural disaster such as hurricane, wildfire, flood, typhoon, tsunamis, earthquake, windstorm and rainstorm.
• Illegal mining

Cultural Heritage Revival: Cultural Heritage Revival underlined different measures of effort to keep our Heritage in good condition. This condition is called Heritage Safeguarding or salvage. African Heritage and Global Peace Initiative by its practice has underlined certain measures to savage our Cultural Heritage which includes:

• Restoration
• Conservation/Preservation
• Heritage Exhibition
• Heritage Tourism
• Museum/Archaeology Research Initiatives
• Heritage Digital Collections/Documentary
• Enforcement against Illicit Heritage Trafficking
• Heritage Historian

African Heritage and Global Peace Initiative has an initiatives campaign against illicit Heritage Trafficking in Africa.

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