African Heritage and Global Peace Initiative (AHAGPI)

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Heritage is priceless. We cannot afford to let it go and I am convinced that, the visitors of this site share the same view with me. Common Cultural Heritage is a vital part of our identity that revealed a sense of who we are in the society. Therefore, preservation of our Cultural and Natural Heritage is an essential part of safeguarding a sense of identification to a large extent.

About US

African Heritage and Global Peace Initiative (AHAGPI) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization saddled with the responsibility of Cultural Heritage Custodians and with simple interpretation of functional clusters which across various aspect of human endeavor in the society in collaboration with the United Nations in achieving certain of objective of Social Development Goals (SDG’s) in the society.

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Nikoro G. Henry is the Founder and President of African Heritage And Global Peace Initiative, an incubator for global ideas that drive impactful sustainable Intangible Cultural Heritage, Peace Building, Interfaith Initiatives, Intercultural Dialogue and designs initiatives that addresses the protection of Intangible and Tangible Cultural Heritage, Peace Process, Climate Change Adaptation Advocacy, Ocean Literacy and Religion Tolerance in Africa and across the globe.

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